TS12 Stealth Rotary...

TS12 Stealth Rotary...

The TS12 Stealth features an exclusive close-coupled design for low tongue weight and shorter turning radius, for tractors with 35-50 horsepower.
This machine’s unique ‘stealth’ appearance — a very short wheel base, and anti-scalp features — make this the ideal machine for customers who need a flex-wing cutter’s versatility but may not have a tractor large enough to pull a 15 foot unit.



• Designed for Tractors with 35 - 50 PTO HP.
• Short Turning Radius for Cutting Small Areas.
• 1-1/2” Cutting Capacity.
• Low Tongue Weight for Smaller Horsepower Tractors.
• Unique “Wing-Bar” Blade Carrier Protects the Gearbox Output Shaft with Minimal Weight.
• Equal-Angle, Fully Pivoting Tongue and Direct Acting Suspension System for Uneven Terrain.
• Smooth Decks for Easy Cleaning and Unobstructed Underside for Airflow Through the High-Volume Cutting Chamber.
• Provides Dramatic Reduction in Mowing Time.
• Large Center Skid Shoes and Tapered Wing Shoes Provide Anti-Scalping Protection.
• Chain Guards Included for Protection.
• 1 year full machine warranty
• 5 year limited gearbox warranty

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