Tarter CattleMaster Series...

Tarter’s CattleMaster Series 6 is the perfect solution for medium sized livestock operations to work cattle quickly and safely. The Series 6 has great features that make it a safe, easy cattle handling solution that will protect your investment.


  • Automatic and Manual Headgate Options
    • Automatic Headgate: Does the catching for you.
    • Manual Headgate: A simple easy to operate lever that gets the job done.
  • Easy-Pull Tailgate Feature. Allows you to work cattle by yourself.
  • Easy Squeeze Mechanism. Applies pressure safely to keep cattle still while you work.
  • All-Access Pass. Removable top and bottom panels allow quick and easy access for branding, vaccinating, deworming, etc.
  • Side Exit. The side panel opens providing an exit for larger livestock.