Seeder Electric Kasco

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This legendary Herd I-92 Broadcast Seeder is ideal for spreading seeds, insecticides, granulated salt , granulated fertilizers and herbicides from your farm tractor, pick-up truck, Jeep, UTV, ATV, RTV or lawn tractor. And the Herd I-92 Broadcaster is PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA!

The Herd I-92 has a 2.8 bushel hopper (192 lbs!), wiring harness and only needs 12 volts to power its electric motor. Herd broadcast seeders/spreaders are the real deal and they will far outlast the cheap foreign broadcast seeders on the market.

The Herd I-92 is equipped with a spinning agitator to give Herd’s Sure-Feed of material through the seed gate. You can easily & quickly center your spread, and the Herd metering system insures your control of the amount of seed being distributed. The spread width can be controlled from 10 ft to 30 ft and is ideal for clover or alfalfa.

This seeder/spreader includes a heavy-duty one piece grey-iron base, a stainless steel hopper lid to keep your material dry at all times and a stainless steel vibrating agitator for

quality, controlled spreading. If you mount your Herd I-92 with a 2” receiver hitch, you can mount this high quality seeder/spreader on the front, back or side.