SE8A Lift-Type Rotary...

SE8A Lift-Type Rotary...

The streamlined, close-coupled design of the SE Series allows economical operation on tractors as small as 30 horsepower. The 100 HP center gearbox and 70 HP outboard gearboxes have enhanced protection from a slip clutch on the main driveline and torque dampeners on the side drive shafts — making for fewer repairs and less down time. A 4″ blade overlap provides a clean cut. Compare and you will see why the Rhino SE8A and SE10A are excellent choices for economical wide-cut mowers.



• Cross-Braced Pan Blade Carriers
• CAT 1 Quick-Hitch Compatible
• Close-Coupled Design
• Torque Dampeners on Side Drivelines
• 1 year full machine warranty
• 5 year limited gearbox warranty

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