Priefert Equine Feeder...

Equine Tall Feed Bunk 5′ with or without Hayrack



This 5’ Bunk Feeder for equine is available as a simple bunk feeder (PRF HFWL) or as a bunk feeder with hay rack (PRF HFWHR). This feeder features a durable poly liner with a pan depth of 9” and a 22.5” inside trough width. The Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish helps the product to resist rust, scratches, and fading to add years of life to your investment.


  • Feeder Pan Length: 5’
  • Feeder Pan Depth/width: 9” X 22.5"
  • Lip of feed pan is 30” from ground
  • Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish