Carmelyx 28% Tub

Carmelyx™ is a free choice, nutritionally-balanced, low moisture, high energy supplement that helps improve forage digestibility at a very low cost. The unique combination of ingredients are cooked and then poured into our convenient tubs to set up. Consumption occurs as cattle lick the Carmelyx™ block which is softened by the animal’s saliva. The right blend of ingredients and form maximize herd performance while controlling intake and costs. The Carmelyx™ tubs are convenient and make supplement delivery easy.

Carmelyx™ Advantages:

  • Low Moisture
  • High Energy
  • Concentrated Nutrition
  • Fortified Levels of:
    • Selenium
    • Copper
    • Zinc
    • Vitamins
  • Consistent Consumption
  • Labor Savings

Feed Category Selector "Cattle"