Model 160 Rotary...

Model 160 Rotary...

Specially designed for utility mowing operations, the 100 Series is perfect for mowing grass, weeds, or small brush up to 1-1/2” in diameter. A reinforced domed deck means easy cleaning. While a sturdy hitch with quick hitch capabilities make attachment to the tractor a snap. A well designed cutter-deck ensures quick and efficient material flow. If you’ve got serious mowing to do, the 100 series may just be the tool for you!



• Reinforced deck that is domed front to rear and side to side for minimal material build up and easy cleaning
• Deep decks to handle large volumes of material more easily than cheaper, shallower deck cutters
• Smooth, obstruction free underside of the deck for more efficient material flow through the cutting chamber
• Quick hitch capabilities for simple attachment
• Smart deck and blade design for excellent cutting performance
• Improved gearbox and blade carrier design for lasting durability
• 1 year full machine warranty
• 5 year limited gearbox warranty

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