Champions Choice Cobalt...

Champion’s Choice® Cobalt Iodized Block
A compressed block formulated with cobalt and iodine to assist cattle and sheep in synthesizing vitamin B-12 and play a role in thermoregulation, intermediary metabolism, reproductive-growth and development, and the prevention of goiter. Recommended for cattle, sheep and horses. Blocks are weather resistant for free choice feeding.


Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Ultramarine Blue, Mineral Oil, Cobalt Carbonate, Calcium Iodate.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Ingredient % ppm
COBALT (as Co) MINIMUM 0.01 100
SALT (as NaCI) MAXIMUM 99.9 999,000
SALT (as NaCI) MINIMUM 95 950,000
IODINE (as I)  MINIMUM 0.011 110