Cattle Curtain

Cattle Curtain allows for cows of all sizes to receive a full insecticide application.



  • Cattle Curtain is a revolutionary invention that helps you work smarter rather than harder on the farm!
  • This non-mechanical device allows for an easy application of insecticide to livestock.
  • So how does it work?
  • Essentially, as it's name implies, cattle curtain utilizes an assemblage of ropes that hang from a base.
  • It's through a wicking action that these ropes become concentrated with the insecticide.
  • From there, you simply position your Cattle Curtain to hang in a gate or alley so that insecticide can be wiped on the animals as they pass through the curtain.
It's that easy! Cattle Curtain was created by farmers for farmers so that you can get protect your cattle from pesky flies more effectively.