7026 Flex-Wing Rotary...

7026 Flex-Wing Rotary...

The feature-rich 7026 Flex-Wing unit offers your choice of CV Style, Equal Angle, or Parallel Ring Hitch along with an impressive offering of blade configurations. A 50 degree divider box keeps the machine compact front to back, while hydraulic phasing cylinders ensure a level lift. Rhino also offers a fixed knife shredding blade kit for enhanced crop residue shredding.



• Your Choice of CV, Equal Angle, or Parallel Ring Hitch
• 50 Degree Divider Box Keeps Drivelines Short and Machine more Compact Front to Back
• Transport Locks for Center Section and Wings
• 2-Piece Replaceable Skid Shoes on Wings
• 10 Ga. Deck with Front Half Deck Protection Rings
• Hydraulic Phasing Cylinders for Level Lift
• Double Acting Wing Lift Cylnders with Mechanical Float
• Spring Steel Bushing at all Major Pivot Points
• Suspension for Center and Wing Frames
• A Fixed Knife Shredding Blade Kit is Available for Enhanced Shredding of Crop Residue
• 1 year full machine warranty
• 3 year limited gearbox warranty
• 2 year full seals warranty
• 1 year limited driveline warranty

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