TW168 Rotary Cutter

TW168 Rotary Cutter

With the addition of the optional shredding kit, the TW168 features 12 free-swinging and 4 stationary blades for increased shredding action. The “baffling” included in the kit helps deflect material into the cutting chamber and evenly distribute the shredded material across the width of the machine. The lift-type TW168 features a heavy-duty CAT 1-2 and Quicke Hitch for extra durability. The lift-type unit comes standard with 4 x 8 x 20 lamiinated tires, while the pull-tupe unit comes with 21 x 7 x 12 foam-filled used airplaine tires. The axles are adjustable to fit varying row crop widths.



• Slip-Clutch Protection
• Torque Dampeners
• CAT IV Driveline
• 10 Gauge Deck
• 1/4" Side Skirts
• CAT 1 Quick Hitch Compatible
• 1 year full machine warranty
• 5 year limited gearbox warranty

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