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Squeeze Chute Model S04

Priefert’s number one selling squeeze chute of all time, the S04 has everything to help make cattle working safer, quicker, and easier than ever before.

Overall Height: 80”

Overall Length: 94.5”

Overall Width (including handles): 53”

Weight: 1210 lbs (All weights approximate)

Inside Height: 62.5” (Floor to inside top of the tailgate frame)

Inside Length: 87”

Inside Width: 24” at the Belly Pipe, 30” at the bend of the contoured side panels

Comes standard with the HG91 Manual/Automatic Headgate

Squeeze Chute Model S0191

The S0191 is “The Rancher” squeeze chute with the Model 91 headgate, which operates in manual or automatic mode, making this a popular choice for ranchers.

Lubricate infinite locks with light oil (i.e. original WD-40). DO NOT use heavy oil or any oil with Teflon or silicon additives.

Overall Height: 78”

Overall Length: 90”

Overall Width: 42”

Weight: 976 lbs (All weights approximate)

Inside Height: 57”

Inside Length: 81”

Inside Width: 23” at the Belly Pipe, 28” at the bend of the contoured side panels

Comes standard with the HG91 Manual Headgate

Includes Head Chain (HC)

Dip Painted Priefert Blue

Calf Table

Handle calves with less effort with Priefert’s unique two-stage pivot calf table. This makes the process of working calves more efficient and productive.

Length: 62”

Base Width: 44”

Height: 58” (when in upright position)

Weight: 380lbs (All weights approximate)

Friction locks are guaranteed for life – DO NOT oil or lubricate friction locks.

Designed to handle calves weighing up to 450 lbs.

Designed to be transported using Priefert’s CA04-2 Wishbone Carriage (carriage sold separately)



These flexible poly blinders fit all models of Priefert squeeze chutes and help funnel cattle into the headgate by reducing visual distractions from outside the chute.

Wishbone Carriage

Simply the easiest one-man chute loading system on the market, this carriage can be adapted to fit the S01, S0191, and S04 squeeze chutes and the calf table.

Carriage Adapter

These receivers allow you to connect the Model CA04-2 Wishbone Carriage to the S01, S0191, or S04 Squeeze Chute.

Head Chain

This 7 foot piece of chain can be used on any of the Priefert headgates as a head restraint when working cattle. It can also be used as a head restraint on the calf table.

Neck Extension

Designed to fit on the HG91 headgate, our neck extender provide a quick and easy way to control access to the neck area of your cattle for vaccination.

Palpation Cage

The palpation cage provides safe access to the cow for palpation or AI work and easily attaches to the S04, S01, or S0191.
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